Spring Break

I am taking a break from my weekly posts for the next month or so in order to focus on finishing my academic semester strong. I am taking a math class online this semester, and it's tough, even for someone who generally has a good sense of numbers. I hope to be able to share … Continue reading Spring Break


On Mud Season

Where I live early spring is also called "mud season" and it's not hard to see why. The air warms, snow turns to rain, the ground begins to thaw and all around is mud. In a place as disarmingly beautiful as the Rocky Mountains can be, mud season is ugly. Tourists avoid mud season. The … Continue reading On Mud Season

On Intersectionality and the Kingdom

You may have heard the buzzword "Intersectional" bandied about on the interwebs and elsewhere. As Wikipedia describes it, "Intersectionality considers that various forms of social stratification, such as class, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender, do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven together." We all carry these different labels, some come attached with certain ideas about privilege and … Continue reading On Intersectionality and the Kingdom