On Health and Mysteries

So I’ve been having these muscle twitches off and on for a few weeks now. Some days there are none, others just a few, then there are days like today where they come and go much of the evening.

I’m working with a neurologist to find out what is causing them, that’s why I had the MRI a week ago. On the days where they are almost nonexistent I feel almost like myself again, able to go through life and start to make plans for the next year or two of things I want to do. When they flare up all I can think of is my hand and if I may be losing the use of it… and if that, then it’s hard to make plans beyond tomorrow or next week.

It could be benign, just annoying. It could be a mineral or other nutrient imbalance. It could be a mechanical injury. It could be autoimmune nerve inflammation/damage. It could be something I’ve never even heard of. It could be something scarier, something that has been on my personal top 5 list of fears for ages – it could be ALS.

Whatever it is I rest in the knowledge of a God who loves me, and an eternity that is secure even when the ground around me at the moment feels so unstable. I hope to get more answers in the next couple weeks when I have my MRI follow up and EMG. In the meantime I pray continue to pray for peace that passes understanding.


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