On Answers and Moving Forward

So it has been a while since I last updated, and when last I updated my health was still very much up in the air. A big question mark looming over the start of the year.

After my EMG, lots more blood work and seeing two different specialists the diagnosis I received was…. *drum roll please* …. rheumatoid arthritis.

I have suspected that I probably had something autoimmune going on for years, but the symptoms were not pronounced enough to merit a diagnosis. This year with my weird fevers and elevated inflammatory markers in my blood I finally had enough going on to push my doctors to really seek out an answer.

My initial feeling after diagnosis was relief. I knew something was going on, but often worried I was going crazy or just being a hypochondriac. To know that I was correct in my feelings, that something was indeed simmering in my body was a load off.

That initial relief passed though as I began to learn more about my long term prognosis and continued to have some weird neurological issues too. These may be side effects from my medication, so I am working with my rheumatologist to troubleshoot that. I hope to get onto a treatment plan that will work for me with minimal side effects and can halt progression for many years. The bright side is that my doctors believe they caught my illness early so if we can halt progression now then I can worry less about more serious joint damage and disability.

The other even brighter silver lining is that God has used this to really rejuvenate my faith life. Not that I had ever lost faith, but my walk was pretty stale and while continued in my spiritual disciplines for a while the thirst simply was not there. Lately, God has used my symptoms to turn me again and again to His word and has shown me many new lessons not only for myself, but I believe to share with you as well.

So I am in the process of writing several blog posts, but also starting a YouTube channel to share all that God is showing me, with still more in the works that I will announce in the coming weeks and months. I hope to start posting weekly blog/vlogs in September.

I still have pain and weird twitching most days, and a lot of days that still causes me anxiety as well. Getting a diagnosis did not mean instant healing. And in fact, I may never see full healing this side of heaven. But I am still grateful to God that I was able to get a diagnosis, and above all I am grateful for His comfort and the support of His church through all of this.


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