On Podcasts and the Great Commission

Over the course of my life with Christ I have often said that “I am not called to mission work” and that “I am not a gifted evangelist”. But that, as Mauri Povich would say, is a lie.

A couple years back I started listening to a podcast hosted by a couple educational YouTubers whose videos I liked. I listened to their whole back catalog and now look forward to the release of new episodes (almost) every Monday. As I got into this podcast I began sharing it with others. I got two of my good friends at church into it, and then my mom. They are all now regular listeners to this podcast and may have even gone on to tell their other friends or family about it.

You see, when it comes to my favorite podcast, I am a great evangelist!

How much more should I be as a Christian?

Sharing my favorite podcast is easy. It’s a good podcast for one. And I know how to sell it to people who would likely be interested, like my friends. But even my mom got into it just through listening to it with me in the car one day. She got into it just because it was part of my life that I wasn’t afraid to share with others.

Sharing my Jesus should be just as easy. He is a good God, for one. And if I’m in relationships with people I should be able to help connect Him to their needs easily – because he’s not some niche podcast, he is the great physician and ultimate provider. But even then, people should become acquainted with Jesus just because he is an important part of my life that I’m not afraid to share with others.

All too often I am afraid though. I don’t know about you. If someone rejects my taste in podcasts, no biggie, but if someone rejects my faith, that feels like a much more personal rejection. There’s more on the line for me.


That’s not a great excuse, because there is also more on the line for them. Because my favorite podcast is not going to forgive your sins and confer upon you everlasting life. But if Christianity is true, and I believe it is, my Jesus can forgive your sins and give you life to the full, both here and hereafter.

Which is why, as a Christian I cannot pawn off evangelism onto those who have a “special gifting”. Evangelism is for all Christians. In Matthew 28:19-20, before Jesus’ ascension into heaven, he left his disciples with one more command, and a promise.

“Go and make disciples of every nation. Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe everything I have commanded, and surely I will be with you, even until the very end of the age.”

So what about you? Do you struggle to share your faith? What hurdles do you encounter? Share below in the comments!


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